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Track Construction

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Flyover Construction

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Power plant epc

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Embankment Protection

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Power Generation

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Overhead Tank construction

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Pre-stress concrete sleeper

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Automobile & industrial lubricants

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Fashion Ware

Meet The MAX Group


With state of the art equipment division of its own having more than 900+ modern construction equipment, MAX is the largest railroad construction company of our country. MAX is the only local...

Power Plant EPC

MAX owns and operates a 78.5 MW Gas Fired Power Plant in Ghorashal, Narshingdi and another 163 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant in Fenchuganj, Sylhet and thus emerging as a key player...


A team of 400+ highly experienced graduate engineers, most recent construction technologies and state of the art equipment division having more than 900+ heavy equipment and machineries- Combination...

Consumer Products

Since its inception, MAX Group has diversified its operation in manufacturing of various products at its own factories like railway track fittings, transmission line hardware, automobile leaf springs,...